Your vehicle’s clutch is a very important part of the transmission system. The clutch transfers the power from the vehicle’s engine to the transmission system using a complex mechanism. If you are using a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch when operated will create sync the engine and the transmission system. When your foot is off the clutch pedal, the pressure created operates a hydraulic mechanism, which connects to the engine flywheel and thereby transmitting the motion to the wheels. Your vehicle’s clutch basically connects two shafts, locking them to make both shafts spin at the same speed. It is because of the clutch you are able to stop the car without stalling the engine.

Your vehicle’s clutch is one of the most frequently used mechanical components. For example, you need to operate your clutch pedal every time you want to shift gears and to stop the vehicle slowly without any jerk or without killing the engine. The clutch consists of number of mechanical components and this results in regular wear and tear. You will have to make sure that the clutch is in perfect condition if you want your vehicle to operate smoothly.

Poor clutch will lead to series of other problems. Attend to your vehicle’s clutch related problems as soon as you notice the first sign of the issue. Do not wait for the problem to aggravate. Remember that as the problems are caused due to mechanical wear and tear, they will not be resolved by themselves. You will have to take your vehicle to your local transmission repair company to get the issues diagnosed. Let us look at some of the common clutch related problems.

One of the most frequent complaints about clutch is slipping clutch. This is often caused by poor driving habits. This problem is also common when inexperienced drivers operate the vehicle. Timely attention to slipping clutch issues will help you save yourselves from expensive repairs. Slipping clutch could also be caused due to wear and tear. In case the clutch or the vehicle itself is new and if you are facing slipping clutch issues then you need to get an expert to diagnose the problem to establish the underlying issues that cause slipping clutch problems.

Yet another common clutch problem is clutch sticking. You will run into this issue when your clutch cable needs replacement or if there is oil contamination.

If you are an alert driver, you will be able to pick up the signals that your vehicle is sending out when there is going to be a likely problem with your vehicle’s clutch or transmission system. Pay attention to any squeaking noises, rumbling sounds or other unusual sounds.

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